Adrian Moldovan

EditedtanAdrian Moldovan is a dynamic leader, entrepreneur, author and a passionate voice raised by God for the 21st century. A fourth generational preacher, he was born in Romania and came to the United States in 1980 after his family was stripped and ousted from their home and country due to religious persecution. His great grandfather, grandfather and father were all persecuted for the cause of Christ with his grandfather paying the ultimate price of martyrdom. When asked about his passion for ministry, Mr. Moldovan says, “I have martyr’s blood running through my veins.”

As an international evangelist and speaker, Adrian Moldovan is uniquely gifted to reach across denominational, generational, and racial lines to communicate the Gospel message of hope and healing. Whether it is through ministering at crusades, prisons, orphanages or churches, he has kept his unwavering commitment to win the lost, and to encourage, equip and empower the saved. He is also sought after by major conferences, colleges, and businesses for his motivational speaking and coaching. Mr. Moldovan is blessed to have the support of his beautiful wife Holly who also travels and ministers with him. She is a gifted song writer and singer.